Does bread lose its nutrients when frozen?

We have all heard from time to time that freezing and thawing bread (and other foods) makes them lose their nutrients and properties, but let us tell you that this is completely false if a series of guidelines and recommended steps are followed during the process.

You have to know that the freezing process does not cause the loss of its nutrients, but rather has an effect mainly on the microorganisms that are the main cause of food deterioration.

With freezing, what we prevent is that these multiply and continue to deteriorate the food, although when the freezing process is reversed, they return to their activity again.

So, we can say that when frozen bread does not lose its nutrients at all, so we should not worry about this aspect. Of course, if we want to prevent the bread from losing any of its properties such as texture, we must follow a series of tips for both freezing and thawing it.

The first, and most important thing, is that we must avoid that the bread that we are going to freeze is still hot, we must let it cool to room temperature before putting it in the freezer. We must also prevent it from gaining moisture in the freezer, we can achieve this by wrapping the bread in aluminum foil (always well sealed) or better, with a bag to freeze products, so that it will be hermetically sealed.

For defrosting, the ideal is to do it at room temperature. Once defrosted, it is interesting to give it a heat shock with the oven or toaster to recover its crispy effect, always bearing in mind that we must put a container of water next to the bread that we want to defrost to prevent it from being too dry.

As you can see, the loss of nutrients when freezing bread is not only a myth, but it is highly recommended so as not to waste any food in our home.

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