Benefits of frozen dough

Do you know the benefits of frozen dough?

Frozen dough is a product that has come to the market to stay, and we can find more and more options on the market that offer benefits and features that traditional dough cannot offer.

This type of dough takes into account the needs of environments where time, space, money and the time of the personnel dedicated to the production of products from the dough must be prioritized, given that frozen dough optimizes everything to the maximum. these aspects.

We are going to list the main benefits of frozen dough:

  1. Greater productivity: They allow consumers to be offered a greater variety of products at a much lower cost of time, so that producers can focus on producing those products that offer a higher profit margin with a much lower investment cost and time.
  2. Product quality: Frozen doughs allow quality and flavor to be standardized, in addition to guaranteeing their conservation without the application of chemical products. Deep freezing is a natural process that ensures the preservation of textures and flavors, as well as allowing medium-term storage.
  3. Flavor maintenance: The use of frozen dough does not affect the flavor or texture of the final product, since, following the appropriate guidelines during the defrosting process, the flavor, texture and aromas of the original dough are maintained.
  4. Specific products: Using frozen doughs allows the production of products that, made in a traditional way, would require a considerable investment of time, such as multigrain breads, since, by having the prefabricated dough, we will not have to invest so much time in its elaboration. This, in professional settings, is a substantial improvement on profit margins.

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