Demand and market volume of Gluten Free products

More and more consumers are turning to the market for Gluten Free products, this is an irrefutable fact and proof of this is that we can find more and more products with this characteristic, even in large stores apart from specialized stores.

The Association of European Celiac Societies (AOECS), indicates that one in every hundred Europeans is affected by celiac disease, which leaves us with more than seven million people affected in Europe alone.

Currently, sales of specific gluten-free products worldwide are estimated at around 2,900 million euros and it is estimated that in the coming years it could reach 4,000 million euros, since growth is projected between 5% and 5.5% per year in this sector.

Gluten-free products have managed to establish themselves in the market as a category totally differentiated from the rest of the products at the points of sale. Similarly, they have managed to attract more customers apart from those who suffer from celiac disease, since many consumers believe they are sensitive to gluten or consider that this type of product will help them to have a much more balanced diet or to lose weight.

Large companies are investing and getting more and more involved in the sector, which helps make the growth figures and forecasts so positive, as well as the proliferation of other products that offer vegetable protein.

The gluten free products with the highest growth and demand are those related to the bakery, especially the cookie market, so the large numbers thrown by the industry are increasingly attracting larger companies and investors to profit from this market niche. .

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